Specialist data house, TWC has launched Alchemy WholeView – a solution that offers suppliers that are selling into Retail, Convenience and Foodservice the unique ability to merge the sales data that they are purchasing from each account, in order to deliver optimum sales insights and achieve marketing excellence.

Alchemy WholeView has been described as the equivalent of ‘thinking data’ and is a progressive programme that saves suppliers time and cost in reading different data sets and the subsequent interpretation of results.

The brainchild of Tanya Pepin and Mike McGee (former CEO of Landmark), WholeView has seen early adoption by a number of forward thinking brands, who want to innovate and interpret the dynamics and commercials between each wholesaler (whether independents or multiples) – and their own logistics chain, faster and more effectively.

According to Director of TWC, Tanya Pepin, Alchemy WholeView is ‘genius in its simplicity’ that enables a ‘marriage’ of data from different sources to align as one.  She says:

“Marketing and sales teams will be only too aware of the challenges when it comes to pouring through different data sets in order to interpret consistent and accurate readings across multiple reports.

“And now, with technological advancements, here is a cost-effective solution that reads and combines material to give holistic outputs based on extensive, and often fragmented, data.

“For many suppliers this ability to read and merge large amounts of data allows them to save money and cut through complexities much quicker, ultimately enabling them to implement relevant and progressive marketing solutions”.

Alchemy WholeView is simple to use and works on mobile platforms, now seen as essential in today’s busy world.

TWC, which has a long heritage in Wholesale, Retail and Convenience, recently extended its proposition into the Foodservice and Hospitality markets with a highly relevant service and promises to make ‘data sing’.  The company that has been described as ‘one of the best kept secrets in data management and associated innovation’ helps its customers grow their businesses and get ahead in a highly competitive market-place.

Check out http://www.TWC.net or phone 01908 920602 for further information.