TWC has joined forces with Salih Sheikh (pictured), former head of marketing & digital at Bestway, to launch a new online series of conversations covering digital leadership and strategy.

The series has been designed to help wholesalers make the most of their digital platforms and engagement programmes.

The Digital Leadership Series will go live on Saturday mornings at 10am, and will be available to view on the TWC website from then on.

Each conversation will be hosted with TWC’s Tanya Pepin and cover a range of topics that are relevant, topical and integral to the success of any digital strategy.

The first conversation takes place this Saturday (2 May) and explores Sheikh’s new venture, described as “a fascinating business model that breaks new digital boundaries in food”. It can be seen on under ‘The Knowledge’ programme.

Sheikh commented: “The timing couldn’t be more relevant with the current worldwide C-19 crisis where digital is at the heart of business change. Many businesses are looking to adapt to survive. Overnight, we are seeing a shift in working practices and an instant recognition of the power of digital. This series is designed to help wholesalers understand the opportunity and helps them make more possible through digital.”

The series will evolve into other areas of digital strategy, such as how suppliers can optimise digital cut-through with wholesalers’ own customers. It will also look at emerging trends, best practice and efficient return on investment.

Tanya Pepin, CEO of TWC, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Salih on this initiative, which we hope will deliver insight and framework that helps wholesalers achieve digital success. Salih is a respected voice of authority on digital in our channel with a track record of digital transformation at Bestway Wholesale”.

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