Taking inspiration from the renowned global phenomenon that grew from a conference in 1984 and became ‘Ted-Talks’, leading data and digital experts, TWC has launched ‘TWC Talks’ a series of blogs devoted to spreading ideas, free knowledge and valuable insights.

‘TWC Talks’ is focused on the world of data and digital, acting as a hub for sharing knowledge and commercially-focussed information across the Wholesale, Retail and Supply Chain sectors.

According to TWC’s Tom Fender, ‘TWC Talks’ is a further step in a journey of inspired thinking that is designed to help and support the industry.

He says:

“We are delighted to welcome external guests to our TWC Talks’ series, including high profile individuals who are renowned for their progressive thinking outside the box, such as digital change-maker Lindsay Herbert.

“Lindsay is author of internationally praised book, Digital Transformation:  Build Your Organisation’s Future for the Innovation Age, and is a digital transformation expert who leads major projects globally across every organisational sector that creates new markets and sharpens the competitive edge for some of the world’s largest companies.


“In her ‘TWC Talk’ – Lindsay talks about the power of digital transformation and looks at the UK Wholesale sector to encourage acceleration and faster investment in the adoption of data and digital advancement”.  https://twcgroup.net/lindsay-herbert-digital-transformation-wholesale/

Other talks in the ‘TWC Talks’ line up include TWC’s CEO, Tanya Pepin, who (along with TWC’s UX expert Ben Hall) talks about the impact that data visualisation can have on your business https://twcgroup.net/benefits-data-visualisation/ and Tom Fender who talk about the recent e-commerce stats and asks – is this the new battleground for suppliers https://twcgroup.net/tom-fender-wholesale-ecommerce/ as well as looking at the implications of Amazon taking further steps into the Grocery space https://twcgroup.net/amazon-fresh-grocery-market/ and questioning whether suppliers and wholesalers are throwing money down the drain by not scrutinising data https://twcgroup.net/tom-fender-throwing-money-scrutinising-data/

Check out the full line up of TWC Talks on the link herewith: