To highlight how wholesaler CEOs and industry influencers are reacting and adapting to these fast-moving times, TWC has launched Sound Bites on its own YouTube channel.

The content so far features:

Simon Hannah, managing director of Filshill

Hannah reports on what has been happening at Glasgow-based Filshill over the past four weeks, and what the future looks set to hold:

John Kinney, sales & marketing director of Unitas Wholesale

Kinney considers how Unitas members have been working together to keep products on shelf and urges suppliers to keep talking as members are desperate for information on availability and supply:

Mushtaque Ahmed, chief operating officer of JJ Foodservice

Ahmed talks about the strategies JJ Foodservice has employed to survive during the pandemic, including a pivot of the business in just eight hours from being trade-only to consumer-facing:

Greg Suszczenia, joint managing director of Parfetts

Suszczenia discusses how the business has traded up 100%, the continued challenge to ensure there is enough stock coming into the channel, and the balancing act between servicing Go Local retailers and the independents:

Commenting on the launch of TWC Sound Bites, Tanya Pepin, CEO of TWC, said:

“We believe that visual and audio comms have an important role in reaching our industry – especially at a time when we cannot see what’s going on first-hand through visiting depots or HQs and talking to people on the ground. This is our way of hearing from the sharp end of wholesale and sharing with the industry to help learn, and to make more possible.”