Cutting-edge digital platform to provide suppliers with enhanced data potential

Suppliers will now be able to analyse large amounts of wholesale market data, thanks to the launch of TWC’s Alchemy WholeView platform.

The cutting-edge digital product brings together all wholesaler data feeds into one simple analytics dashboard, meaning suppliers can centralise all their accounts in one place.

By creating an easy-to-use platform, TWC is giving suppliers the chance to do a deep dive into wholesale channel data – giving them the tools to improve account performance when making plans, negotiating or attributing performance rewards.

Alchemy WholeView enables users to easily view and interpret sales data by SKU, category, depot, member and wholesaler, while also providing the ability to introduce regional reports or create new ones.

TWC CEO Tanya Pepin hopes the new launch will help to move the channel forward by giving suppliers what they need to grow sales.

“The wholesale and route-to-market sectors have vast amounts of wholesaler data which can be complex and tends to be look at in isolation,” Pepin said.

“Now, with Alchemy WholeView, here is a highly cost-effective solution that enables users to merge disparate data into one channel read, allowing users to track holistic distribution, identify sales performance or area of opportunity for growth.

“It’s a portal for powerful insight that will give users commercial advantage, while being refreshingly quick and easy to use.

“Users can access the platform easily through tablet, smart technology or PC in real time, allowing everyone in the business to have visibility of data and analytics that are relevant to their individual needs.

“Data is the new oil in this channel and we want suppliers with the super-charged engine to put their oil through it.”

The launch comes on hot on the heels of news that TWC picked up Unitas’s data contract, with the deal set to begin in January 2020.