Wholesale data, analytics and technology firm declared ‘great cultural fit’

Commencing in January 2020, TWC will manage Unitas Wholesale‘s buying group’s shipment data, bringing together the data from former members of both Landmark Wholesale and Today’s Group.

“Everyone within TWC is passionate about the industry and wants to help the group’s wholesalers, in collaboration with its suppliers, to build strategies based on quality data and intelligent insight to drive sustainable sales and profitable growth,” said Tanya Pepin, CEO and co-founder, TWC.

“The harnessing of data alongside the power of insights, is becoming increasingly recognised as essential against the backdrop of an increasingly competitive and challenging marketplace. We are committed to work tirelessly to support the sector and provide the ‘golden bullet’ that can underpin, and accelerate, success.”

John Mills, Deputy Managing Director, Unitas Wholesale, said: “We were impressed by the company’s ability to analyse data and provide valuable insight, in addition to a ground-breaking reporting solution. The platform, which is easy to use and straightforward to access by Central Office, members and suppliers will drive commercially robust decisions based on sector-leading insight. This, combined with apps, will play a pivotal role with both members and customers to drive engagement, best practice and loyalty.”