Confex has partnered with data and insights business TWC to launch a sales data reporting service that will provide insights to both its members and suppliers.

It will also help them to understand market influences and opportunities to help grow using opportunities from the group’s sales data.

The initiative was backed by the Confex’s member-led board and according to its marketing & HR director, Jess Douglas, the partnership is an important component in Confex’s drive to deliver advantage and forward thinking to its member base: “The value of data is increasingly being recognised pan-industry, and we believe there is immense value to be gained from harnessing information in a way that is easily usable by our members.  Our aim is to furnish stakeholders with a reliable read on what is happening across wholesale and individual supply categories based on fact, not hearsay!”

TWC development director Tom Fender added that intelligent insight and customer knowledge are arguably the most powerful things that wholesalers hold within the fabric of their business, and which until now have been under-utilised in many instances: “Right now, industry forces are changing at a speed that even a year ago would have been unthinkable. The way we receive information is also changing through smart technologies – the new Confex Data Service will be accessible through familiar smart technologies that we all use every day, and users will be able to access information any-time, any-where, 24/7 – whether on phone, tablet or PC.”

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