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At TWC we are at the forefront of new technologies to develop and deliver information to our customers.
As part of our promise, we deliver cutting edge technology that is cost effective and delivers a clear return on investment. Powerful platforms that when imbedded in our customer’s organisations, support sales growth, visibility and category upsell.


Big wholesale data is now accessible, affordable, usable and visible. And, accessing this sales-out data along with wholesaler insights is pivotal for many suppliers.
Here at TWC we are proud to be working as the selected partner for Country Range Group and Unitas, enabling suppliers to access wholesale shipment data in a way that cuts through complexities, and enjoy high visual insight to sales and account management teams through Alchemy’s mobile app.

Alchemy can be customised to individual need and is proving highly effective within our clients’ marketing programmes generating new revenues, new opportunities and supporting collaborative working across the supply chain.

Alchemy Wholeview

A continued challenge in the world of data is how data sets merge and talk to each other.
Alchemy Wholeview does just that. Described as ‘thinking data’, this clever, yet affordable platform, gives users a unique ability to merge the data sets and is hailed as the best platform in the channel.
Simply, cutting edge data management that delivers marketing excellence and saves suppliers time and cost in reading different data sets and the subsequent interpretation of results.

No more pouring through numerous data sets and aligning analytics and complexities – Alchemy Wholeview does it all for you….

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